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From the bee park, where spring is blooming, Bukurie Mëhalla brings us an inspiring story of rural work. As a woman dedicated to her family and her sweet business, she shares her passionate journey that still brings her joy today. Twenty years ago, Bukurie had only 20 beehives placed in a small park near her home.

“Every day, the bees teach me something new. It’s very demanding, but also rewarding.”

Bukurie believes that her market is secure.

“I have my customers. I moved neighborhoods, and I was worried that I might lose them, but no.”

Care and love for the honeybees have allowed the work to grow day by day. With the support received from ARDA, Bukurie now has 700 beehives distributed across seven parks.

“I have applied for and received support for the past two years. It’s a help because beekeeping comes with many expenses. I am very pleased with this achievement.”

The woman from the village of Godolesh in Elbasan expresses her desire to pass on the beekeeping legacy to her children, as one of the greatest assets in life.

“I want us to remain a family of beekeepers.”

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