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The meetings for the Fourth Call of IPARD-II continue, and the deadline for application submissions is February 25, 2022

The informative meetings for the Fourth Call of IPARD-II continue in the regions of Dibër, Berat, and Elbasan. All regions express great interest in this call. Today, the staff of ARDA and the IPARD Managing Authority were in Elbasan, where they provided information to interested parties about the criteria of the fourth call, specifically Measure 7 – Farm Diversification, focusing on rural and nature tourism, as well as the artisanal industry and production workshops. This measure has been successful for Albania, as it offers natural products and a good ruralexperience. Investments will be supported up to 65% of eligible project costs, with 5.2 million Euros available for this purpose.
The General Director of ARDA, Eranda Selmanaj, stated that Elbasan is a region with a high interest in nature and rural tourism, easily accessible due to its proximity to the capital city. The area offers a wide variety of businesses and is preferred by both local and foreign culinary and cultural tourists. The diverse territory, including mountains, hills, and lakes, makes Elbasan a highly frequented destination with excellent results in agriculture, livestock farming, processing, and tourism.
The meetings will continue in other regions as per the schedule published on the ARDA website. The call will close on February 25, 2022.

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