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“The fourth call of IPARD-II “Rural Areas are the Future of Tourism.”

Today, a meeting was held in Tirana to launch the fourth call of IPARD-II, with a focus on rural tourism and artisanal manufacturing. The meeting took place at the residence of Ms. Elona Hasabega, with the support of ARDA. The General Director of ARDA, Eranda Selmanaj, presented the program details and highlighted the increasing interest in this sector among applicants.
The Prime Minister, Mr. Rama, and Ambassador Soreca were among the invited guests at the meeting, emphasizing the cooperation between Albania and the European Union in investing in rural tourism and other agricultural sectors. Ambassador Soreca expressed that this successful journey will be a long one, and the results of the previous three calls are already evident for anyone who wishes to visit.
The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ms. Frida Krifca, in her speech, emphasized that all support policies are focused on rural development and production in mountainous and rural areas, which will become reference points for the country’s economy.
In his closing remarks, Prime Minister Rama optimistically stated that supporting rural tourism is an investment in the economy of Albanian families, enabling them to work and earn in their own land, bringing the market and consumers closer to rural products.
The fourth call of IPARD-II will be open until February 25, 2022.


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