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Coordinator of the Anti-Corruption Network

“The fight against corruption is not only a priority for the Albanian Government, but it is also one of the 5 key priorities that the European Union has set for Albania in its journey of integration into the European family. The Minister of Justice/National Coordinator against Corruption is also the head of the Inter-Institutional Task Force Against Corruption.

The Network of Anti-Corruption Coordinators is a structure under the direction of the National Anti-Corruption Coordinator, the Minister of Justice. By order no. 106, dated 25.07.2019 of the Prime Minister, “On the creation, composition and operation of the Network of Anticorruption Coordinators, amended by Prime Minister’s Order no. 86, dated 25.06.2020, determines the creation and operation of this structure.

The objective of this structure is the fight against any form of corruption and strengthening the trust of citizens for a public administration, efficient and with high integrity in the service of the citizen.

The coordinator of the Anticorruption network will be the advocate of citizens in the fight against corruption, receiving and verifying their denunciations of corrupt actions. Part of the work process adjustments is the preservation of the anonymity of each whistleblower as well as the guarantee in the implementation of the law for the protection of personal data and information processing. Citizens will be the coordinators’ allies in identifying and addressing corrupt cases, as they are the ones who receive services in these institutions.

The successful fight against corruption is possible by acting together, through the active engagement of citizens in reporting corrupt cases, as well as following up and taking punitive measures for the responsible persons!

Do not allow an act of corruption to tarnish the entire administration and the image of every official who works honestly!