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The informative meetings for the Fourth Call of IPARD-II continue, and today ARDA and the IPARD Managing Authority are in the Durrës region

Together with the IPARD-II Managing Authority, the ARDA staff was in the Durrës region today, where they held another informative meeting for the Fourth Call of IPARD. The call will remain open until February 25, 2022. Potential applicants were numerous, and their main interest remains in Rural and Nature Tourism, in an area renowned for its coastal and cultural tourism, like Durrës.
Grigor Gjeci, the director of the IPARD Managing Authority, expressed that Measure 7 for Farm Diversification has generated significant interest beyond their expectations, making it a great business opportunity in Albania. Culinary experiences, traditions, accommodation, and handicraft products are valuable assets worth financing to achieve the program’s goal of supporting rural areas.
Ardita Kuçi, responsible for the legal sector at ARDA, emphasized the need for complete and timely submission of documentation, following the Applicant’s Guidelines, to ensure a higher number of eligible applications and adherence to deadlines.
The meetings will continue throughout January in every region to inform the public and farmers about the procedures and criteria of the fourth call. The aim is to encourage and support applications from various sectors to boost rural development in Albania.

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