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The 8th meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the IPARD-II Program took place in Albania

The 8th meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the IPARD-II Program was held today at the premises of Hotel Tirana, where the achievements and challenges of the implementation of IPARD funds in Albania were discussed. The delegation from the Directorate-General for Agriculture in the European Union was represented by its Director, Mr. Frank Bollen, and Mr. Razvan Ghitescu, Program Manager for Rural Development at the European Delegation in Albania. The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ms. Frida Krifca, emphasized the significant commitment of the authorities and bodies involved in the IPARD-II program, praising the work of everyone who has been part of the processes, from program formulation, dossier review, on-site inspections, and disbursement to beneficiaries, including farmers and agribusinesses. She highlighted the particular importance of injecting European funds into Albanian agriculture. Mr. Frank Bollen mentioned the seriousness and speed with which this program has been implemented in Albania, calling it a success at the regional level. During this meeting, discussions were also held regarding the IPARD-III program, which will soon be implemented by ARDA, and it was promised that the first call for applications will be opened by the end of 2022.