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The IPARD-III program is presented in Albania – 146 million euros for Agriculture and Rural Development

Prime Minister Edi Rama, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Frida Krifca, and Chargé d’Affaires of the EU Delegation in Albania Alexis Hupin, presented the IPARD III program in Albania today at the “Kronos Construction” premises, funded by the IPARD-II program through ARDA. More than 500 contracted farmers are involved in this business for the collection of agricultural products in storage and warehouse facilities, in accordance with EU standards. “There are over 170 million euros of total investments injected into the country’s economy through the IPARD-II program,” said Eranda Selmanaj, General Director of ARDA. IPARD-III was presented with 9 new Financing Measures, compared to the 3 that were in the previous IPARD-II program, offering more funds for investments and rural business development through European funds for 2021-2027. ARDA presented the digital map of investments, accessible on the agency’s official website, for anyone interested in researching financed projects and their locations. Since 2018, the IPARD program, financed by the European Union and the Albanian Government, implemented by ARDA and designed in cooperation with the Managing Authority, has brought a new era for agriculture and other rural business activities, influencing the growth of exports and income for farmers throughout the country.

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