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The investments in agriculture have resulted in 256 contracts with a grant value of 43.2 million euros.

Despite the economic difficulties brought about by the pandemic, the agriculture sector continues to show a high interest in investments. ARDA has launched the third call of the IPARD program, through which farmers and entrepreneurs will be supported in two measures: Measure 1, for the viticulture, fruits and vegetables, meat, and milk sectors, and Measure 3 for investments in agro-processing, specifically for the fruit and vegetable sector, with a budget of approximately 30 million euros.

The information department of Top Channel, the largest and most prominent media outlet in Albania, marked the beginning of the television station with its news edition on December 20, 2001. Through swift, accurate, and in-depth reporting, as well as other informative features and segments, Top Channel has become the leading and most prestigious source of information for the entire Albanian population, both within the country and in the diaspora worldwide. Top Channel’s cameras and journalists are present at all major events in the country and beyond, providing comprehensive news coverage.


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