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The informative activities for IPARD II Program, Second Call, have started

The Agency for Agricultural and Rural Development and the Managing Authority within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development have initiated informative meetings for IPARD-II Program, the second call, as part of the program promotion in all 12 regions of the country. The first activity was held at a livestock farm in Lunder on October 15th, with a high participation of potential applicants from the Tirana region interested in the program and its project financing opportunities. Special attention was given to ensuring that the application criteria were fully met to increase the chances of success.

The General Director, Frida Krifca, who led the promotional meeting, emphasized that the IPARD II program is no longer new for Albania, as they have already implemented the first call and signed 26 contracts, which are currently being implemented.

Today, more than ever, this program is an immediate requirement for sector development, aiming to support investments in the agri-food sector, improve competitiveness, meet EU standards, and diversify rural areas. It was also expressed that their goal is to boost the agriculture, agro-processing, and rural tourism sectors through IPARD Program, starting with the improvement of products in the agricultural market, promoting creation, development, improvement, and food safety. Particularly, the program aims to fulfill its objectives related to food security and price stabilization in the market. In this way, they aim to increase local production, promote local products, and ensure social inclusion in rural areas.

The promotional program will continue in every region of Albania until October 30th, the opening date of the second call, to familiarize potential applicants with the application conditions closely.


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