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The information campaign for the appeals process in relation to the IPARD-II Program has started at ARDA

ARDA has commenced its informative meetings today regarding the appeal procedures related to the IPARD-II Program. Participants from the Tiranë and Durrës regions were informed about the steps they need to follow to appeal decisions made by ARDA regarding rejected projects. The Director of ARDA, Eranda Selmanaj, emphasized that these meetings are crucial to clarify the criteria and requirements for future calls, in order to minimize misunderstandings and misinterpretations in applications. The funds provided by the European Union through the IPARD-II Program have generated a new interest in elevating the level of production and the quality of local products, engaging farmers in expanding and diversifying their businesses in rural areas.

The meetings will continue in other regions to inform and clarify the rights of those interested in the appeal process. The ARDA staff will provide detailed presentations covering all calls and investment sectors, aiming to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the appeal process for all applicants.

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