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The Agriculture Sector Increases Investments Despite the Pandemic

Despite the reluctance of the private sector to increase investments during the pandemic, the agriculture sector has not only managed to survive the crisis but has been performing with growth.

Frida Krifca, the Director of the Agency for Agricultural and Rural Development, states that in the last two years, the funds provided as soft loans and grants through the IPARD programs for investments in this sector amount to 69 million euros.

“We have provided 69 million euros in funds so far, with 39 million being grants, and there has been a lot of interest in investing, with around 700 applications and 233 contracts signed.”

Exports of agricultural products in the first 9 months of the year increased by 17% compared to the previous year, and the growth of this sector in the second quarter of the year was 2.63%, constituting one of the only two branches with a positive contribution to the economy.

“Agriculture and construction were the two sectors with growth during the pandemic despite the difficulties that arose, and we had an increase in exports in this field.”

Another wave of investments is expected to begin next year, where another call for providing funds for farms, vineyards, and meat and dairy products has been opened.

“We have another program that we will open to support these sectors with funds.”

Applications for businesses in the agriculture sector start on December 10th and end on January 25th. If the interest remains the same, this sector is expected to invest 30 million euros next year.

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