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The 8th Committee for the Implementation of the IPARD Program and the 14th Subcommittee for EU Accession are held in Tirana.

Today, the 8th Monitoring Committee of the IPARD II Program was held as a tool to monitor the effectiveness and quality of the implementation of the IPARD Program. The implementing structures of the Program (National Authorizing Officer, National Fund, IPARD Agency), along with the EU Delegation and Stakeholder Groups (Public and Private Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations), participating in this meeting organized by the Managing Authority (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), discussed the achievement of the objectives of the IPARD II Program thus far, as well as the progress made. ARDA, as the accredited agency for the management of agricultural and rural development funds from the European Union, reported on the implementation indicators of the IPARD II Program and the objectives of the IPARD III Program. The meeting also highlighted the achievements regarding the contracting indicator, as assessed in the EU Progress Report for Albania in October 2022.

In the context of the accession negotiations to the EU, the 14th Subcommittee for Agriculture and Fisheries between the EU and Albania was also held in Tirana, with the participation of representatives from the European Commission, DG AGRI, DG NEAR, the EU Delegation to Albania, the Ministry of Agriculture, and INSTAT. The Agency for Agriculture and Rural Development reported on the administrative capacities of the Agency during the year 2021 and the enhancement of these capacities during 2022, in line with the workload in the implementation of the IPARD III Program. Additionally, the achievements for the IPARD II Program in the operational efficiency of the management and control system, including the Technical Bodies, were discussed. ARDA continues its intensive work on the accreditation of the IPARD III Program.

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