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Record numbers of applications for agriculture; farmers are showing interest in benefiting from the IPARD-II funds

The high demand for financing in the field of agriculture has led to a larger number of applications than expected to benefit from the IPARD 2 funds. The application period for the IPARD 2 funds closed on January 25, with a financing amount of 30 million euros.

“We have received a total of 360 applications so far. We consider this call successful since our expectations were for 150 applications, given the situation in the previous year. However, the level of interest has been high even though these funds were dedicated to two measures, mainly for farms and the agro-processing sector,” says Frida Krifca, the director of ARDA.

Now, the applications are expected to undergo verification to determine how many of them will be selected to sign contracts, with larger investments expected to undergo further scrutiny.

“For small-scale investments like buying a tractor or similar, we can quickly proceed to contract signing. But for larger investments that involve verifying prices and costs, we need a bit more time, which is a reasonable approach for our work, aiming to close them on time.”

In total, around 500 investment contracts are expected to be signed through the IPARD program, making it a significant injection into the economy, especially in the agricultural sector.

“With a total fund of 90 million euros from the IPARD program, including calls 1, 2, and 3, it is estimated that 500 investment contracts will be signed.”

With the investments expected to begin through this program, as well as the tax-free fuel scheme, agriculture is expected to be one of the leading sectors driving economic growth this year.