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Explanatory meetings for Chapter 11 “Agriculture and Rural Development” and Chapter 13 “Fisheries” are being held in Brussels

The work on the “Screening” process continues in collaboration with the European Commission, aiming to harmonize local legislation with the EU acquis in order to develop sustainable agriculture closer to European standards.

The Agency for Agricultural and Rural Development participated in explanatory meetings held in Brussels on July 17-18 for Chapter 11 “Agriculture and Rural Development” and Chapter 13 “Fisheries,” which were conducted between the European Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. These meetings focused on explaining the updated legislation of the European Union, as well as coherent European policies on Common Agricultural Policies (CAP), Common Market Organization (CMO), organic farming, state aid, direct payments, vineyards, market mechanisms, and Common Fisheries Policies, data collection, structural fisheries policies, aquaculture, marine spatial planning.

The European Commission expressed support for the Albanian administration to strengthen capacities and invited proposals during bilateral meetings for accelerated integration. We will continue this process for the development of sustainable Albanian agriculture through further meetings, followed by the Sub-Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries, which will take place in Brussels on December 5, 2023.

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