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Albanian cuisine is presented at the Torino Fair

By invitation of the European Training Foundation (ETF), ARDA participated in the international meeting for the Western Balkans, proudly presenting the results of the implementation of the IPARD-II program in Albania. The event brought together international networks from the agri-food sector, including companies, intermediaries, research institutions, and agrifood institutions.

This first international network event took place within the framework of the new ETF project, “Skilling up the Agri-food Sector of the Western Balkans: Digitalization, Greening,” which was officially launched in June of the previous year, 2022. The project aims to bring together innovative SMEs in the agri-food sector, business associations, clusters, and educational, training, and research institutions involved in innovation, capacity-building, and requalification of their workforce. Moreover, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, we also participated in the international event for networking and cooperation among Western Balkan countries, “Terra Madre Salone del gusto.” This event provided an opportunity to strengthen collaboration among the participating nations in the agri-food sector.


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