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The meeting at UKA-Farm for Agriculture, Rural Tourism, and Environment in rural areas of Albania was successfully held today

Today, a meeting with the theme “Agriculture, Tourism, and Environment” was held, organized by the Albanian Agribusiness Council (KASH), at the premises of UKA-Farm in Laknas. The event was attended by notable figures, including the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Frida Krifca, the General Director of the Agency for Agricultural and Rural Development (ARDA), Eranda Selmanaj, as well as representatives from the University of Agriculture in Tirana, producers, educators, processors, and authorities involved in this prosperous and well-developed field.
Agriculture is considered a crucial and prioritized sector of the Food Economy, and it stands as a key component in the food supply chain for Albanian consumers. The discussions in this meeting focused on enhancing production capacities in greenhouses, processing, exports, and obtaining the Global Gap certification, which is of particular importance for foreign markets, especially the European Union.
The meeting also addressed topics such as water resources, climate, biodiversity, tourism, and nature, which were carefully examined in the report prepared by the Chairman of KASH, Agim Rrapaj.
These meetings will continue in the future, aiming to increase knowledge and scientific interest among the public and businesses in this field. The discussions seek to foster growth, innovation, and sustainability in agriculture, tourism, and environmental practices in Albania.

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