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26. The European Union Fair “Europe Week” concluded its journey in Tirana today

Today, the citizens of Tirana enjoyed the vibrant colors of the European Union Fair, organized by the EU Delegation in Albania, known as “Europe Week,” which journeyed from Shkodra to Vlora and culminated in the capital city. Various products adhering to European standards and collaborations within the framework of development were showcased to the public in the pedestrian area near the main boulevard of Tirana.
With the key themes of tolerance, equality, and youth, this fair brought a contemporary spirit of technology and culture, showcasing the European values of progress. ARDA (Agency for Agriculture and Rural Development) was present at this city celebration, displaying projects funded in the Tirana region through the IPARD-II program. The certified agricultural and livestock products were a special attraction for visitors interested in the IPARD program.
Moreover, there were discussions on the core values of the EU, which took place in an open forum for young people involved in development projects funded by the EU.

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