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“Rural Tourism in Roskovec, Fier”

Today, a meeting was held at the premises of Roskovec Municipality, with a focus on rural tourism and development investments in this area of Fier. Traditions, cuisine, history, and business blend well with the diverse nature of Roskovec, as expressed by the Mayor, Ms. Majlinda Bufi. The meeting included representatives from local businesses and entrepreneurs with a keen interest in further development and investment in agrotourism. The General Director of the Albanian Development Fund (ARDA), Eranda Selmanaj, reported the institution’s readiness to finance such initiatives, with a clear vision towards service, accommodation, food, and recreational programs that serve rural tourism.
During the meeting, a tourist guide brochure was also presented, containing information about Roskovec and everything this area offers, through the “Reload” program and the organization “New Bridge,” funded by Roskovec Municipality.

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