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Krifca: In two years, we have invested 100 million euros in the modernization of agriculture

45 million euros in grants have been provided to support farmers

Since October 30, 2018, when ARDA was accredited to manage European funds for agriculture. The director of ARDA, Frida Krifca, revealed this information at the “Agriculture in Focus” Conference, attended by Prime Minister Edi Rama and Minister of Agriculture Milva Ekonomi.

“More than 45 million euro, the grants have contributed to the development of 24 cattle farms, 30 hectares of new modern greenhouses, 18 planting projects covering hundreds of hectares, 8 investments in milking systems, 38 processing, sorting, and packaging lines, 28 storage facilities, 19 investments in refrigerated rooms and storage capacities, 5 new threshers, and 72 investments in tractors and agricultural machinery, which have been added to the fleet to mechanize work processes using contemporary technologies that increase production, improve quality, and save time. These investments have been made in every region and municipality of the country. ”, tha Krifca.

The objective of transforming subsistence agriculture into modern agriculture has been the driving force behind ARDA’s work in the sector, which has transformed and empowered the country’s economy.

“In 2020, through the national scheme, 10 million euros were provided for direct support to around 5500 farmers and breeders who have expanded their livestock, certified their crops, and implemented plasma treatments for product preservation. Out of the 100 million euros in investments being injected into the IPARD program over the past two years, 90 million euros directly contribute to the modernization, technological advancement, and automation of agriculture ”.

The support provided by ARDA has led to increased storage capacity and modernization of processing equipment, resulting in the market availability of quality products and the creation of new job opportunities.

These investments and grants have played a significant role in enhancing the agriculture sector and boosting the economy of the country.

“We have supported 339 physical asset investments in 45 municipalities, with 142 being start-ups that have generated 3,118 new jobs. We have also added 654 hectares of new fruit and vegetable plantations.”

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