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Internal Audit Sector

The Internal Audit Sector (IAS), in its role and mission, provides objective assurance independently, improves the activity and performance of Arda, adding value. SAB, is organized as an independent entity in Arda depending on the head of the institution.

Internal Audit Division, consisting of 4 (four) Specialist and 1 (one) Responsible.

The main tasks of the sector are:

The Internal Audit Sector is responsible for fulfilling the following functions:

  • Identifies, assesses risk and recommends improvement of risk management systems.
  • Ensures on the accuracy and reliability of financial reports and performance reports prepared by management structures.
  • Ensure that through controls it minimizes the opportunities for fraud, abuse and abuse.
  • Evaluates the implementation of the law, regulations, controls put in place and ensures that the activity is carried out efficiently, effectively and economically.