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Positive evaluations on the progress of the development of agriculture in the country in the European Commission

The meeting in Brussels with the European Commissioner, Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski, was excellent, where the positive progress of the implementation of the IPARD II program in our country was praised, along with the preparations for IPARD III. The implementation of European integration policies and agricultural and rural development programs has brought a positive momentum to Albanian agriculture, aligning it with European standards and providing support to farmers, agro-processing, and improving competitiveness. As a result, we will continue to support investments in rural areas to diversify the rural economy, leading to increased employment and social inclusion.

During the meeting, we extensively discussed the development of our respective sectors together with counterparts from North Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro. We also discussed the EU’s orientation towards keeping markets open and barrier-free, the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on the food supply chain, inflation, and the importance of regional cooperation in successfully addressing these common challenges.

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