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Directory of Legal and General Affairs (DLGA)

Directory of Legal and General Affairs is responsible for fulfilling the following functions:

  1. Plans the needs of the Agency for employees including recruitment, consultation of employees and their training, with the aim of well-functioning the institution and achieving the set objectives.
  2. Ensure the implementation of the legislation in force for any procedures followed by directorates.
  3. Follows the progress of the judicial processes of the Agency for Agricultural and Rural Development in accordance with the Albanian legislation.
  4. Identifies the needs of the institution for services, working tools, material basis, and takes immediate measures to meet these needs by respecting the relevant legal procedures.

Directory of Legal and General Affairs has 1 (one) Director and 3 (three) sectors, which enable the fulfillment of the above-mentioned tasks:

  1. Sector of Human Resources,
  2. Legal Sector,
  3. Debt Management Sector
  4. Protocol and Archive Sector

Sector of Human Resources

The Human Resources Division, consisting of 3 (three) Specialists and 1 (one) Responsible, manages the personnel files thus ensuring that each clerk adapts to the job position referring to education and experience. This sector ensures that staff receive the appropriate training to perform the functional tasks in accordance with the manuals and focuses on the implementation of ethics and communication according to the Internal Regulation.

Legal Sector

Legal Sector consisting of 4 (four) Specialists and 1(one) Responsible, ensures that every working process of the Directorates and Sectors of the Agency is carried out in accordance with the applicable Legislation and prepares administrative acts and contracts related to internal regulations.

Debt Management Sector

Debt Management Sector The Debt Management Sector, consisting of 2 (two) Inspectors and 1 (one) Responsible, focuses on recording in the registers of incurred and created debtors, regarding the detailed information of the debtors’ data and prepares the updated reports every month, with the aim of reconciling and progressing the work processes in the Directorate.

Protocol and Archive Sector

Protocol and Archive Sector consisting of 1 (one) Protocol Specialist, 1 (one) Archive Specialist and 1 (one) Responsible ensures that the work in the protocol and archive office is in compliance with the law of document management, in order to fulfill the mission of the sector.