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Contractors of IPARD-II can benefit from partial payments from ARDA

ARDA presents the mechanism of financing with partial payments for IPARD investments, addressing the needs and financial difficulties of farmers, agro-processors, and rural tourism for the absorption and implementation of the IPARD II Program. After approval of the procedure by the structures of the European Commission and the National Authorizing Officer, the implementation of the procedure begins, aiming to timely disburse the funds allocated by the EU and increase the budget absorption for this Program.

There are 93 active contracts that can benefit from financing with partial payments, depending on the progress of construction works or reconstructions. This financing helps increase funding and the timely completion of investments. The partial payment mechanism will also apply to contracts of Calls III and IV of the IPARD-II program. Subsequently, ARDA will conduct on-site verifications of the completed work before making the payment and after the investment is completed, the remaining payment will be made according to the contract’s provisions.

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