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Dicertory of Finance

The Directorate of Finance is responsible for organizing and implementing the function of Accounting, Finance and Debt for national and pre-accession programs in agriculture.The Finance Directorate has a number of functions under its responsibility, as follows:

  1. Records all financial rights and obligations as well as receipts in separate accounting records for budget funds, international donations according to the respective agreements and IPARD II.
  2. General planning of special economic accounts and implementation of the budget.
  3. Depending on the realization of the funds and the needs that arise during the year, it makes proposals for reallocations of funds.
  4. Coordinates specialists to close the balance sheet in accordance with legal deadlines.

The Directorate of Finance has in its composition 1 (one) Director and 3 (three) Sectors, which enable the fulfillment of the above-mentioned tasks:

  1. Sector of Finance
  2. Accounting Sector
  3. Debt Management Sector

Accounting Sector

The Accounting Sector consisting of 3 (three) Specialists and 1 (one) Responsible, is ensured to reflect any changes to the approved budget and all reallocations occurring during the budget year.

Sector of Finance

The Finance Sector consisting of 2 (two) Specialists and 1 (one) Responsible, performs the preparation of the payroll for the salaries of employees and is provided on the regularity of documentation from the financial side, brought by other directorates on making payments as appropriate.